Q: What gets a DFMG solicitor up in the morning?

A: Our passion for applying our legal expertise to craft credible, commercial solutions to your business challenges. 

Supporting Brendan and Patricia, we draw on a team of experienced, qualified solicitors, and other professionals, to support you and your legal needs.

Building on our extensive experience, at DFMG we excel in understanding your real issues and we love nothing better than to shape viable, legal and commercially sound options, ranging from the obvious to the ingenious. Then you decide which solution best meets your needs, for today and tomorrow.

Our expertise focuses on the areas of Intellectual Property, Business Law, IT and Data Protection, General Litigation, Employment and Property law.

The range of our clients’ needs, from individuals and small businesses to large multinationals and semi-state bodies, keeps us on our toes and ensures we keep an eagle-eye on the ever-changing landscape, be it legal, regulatory, technological or economic.

To best service our multi-jurisdictional clients, we think both locally and globally. We collaborate with law firms in other jurisdictions, enabling us to provide considered options that deliver across several legal systems.

So, if you are negotiating a property deal, considering a merger, seeking to protect your intellectual property or need to defend a liability case, call us now on to discuss how we can help you.

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